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In today's world, having a website is as fundamental as having a phone number. An email address is perhaps more important than a fax machine and putting up a "home page" or simple online brochure isn't enough to differentiate your organization from all the rest -- and there are plenty. It is, after all, the World Wide Web -- that means competition: for attention, for marketshare, for guiding your target audience through all the rest and bringing them to your site, your information, your message.

DCRE Labs' Web Hosting can help.

There are literally thousands of different technologies available, from search engines (and "search engine optimization") to email campaigns, online advertising (Google, Yahoo, DoubleClick, etc.) to offline resources (traditional print, television and radio media) -- but in the end, the goal is the same: Communication between you and your audience, those individuals out there looking for what you are offering.

Take away all the glamour and technology and in the end, it is simple communication: between you to them. The American architect Louis Sullivan had it right: "form (ever) follows function". Today's Internet allows us to combine both form (a visually appealing web presence) and function (a technologically capable website). In the end, communication is a means to an end: conveying information, providing a service, exchanging ideas in an interactive fashion. While an aesthetically appealing website will bring your audience to you, a functionally superior website will keep them coming back. We can help you have both by combining our incredibly talented graphic artists (for creating the "presence") and our amazing technological staff (for coding the "functionality"), blended together for an overall complete and seamless form and function.

Making your web presence appealing and functional: What DCRE Labs' Web Hosting is all about. Contact us today for more information and how we can get you started.