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Partially Online
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Sporadic connectivity issues resulting in degraded performance are being investigated
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The network connectivity to many DCRE Labs' hosted systems is suffering degraded performance. As a result, some web sites and services may be slow to load or unavailable for short periods of time. The Service Provider has been notified and working the issue for 13 hours (as of 11:00 AM, 8/1/11) but has not been able to resolve the issue. Technicians have been dispatched for on-site repairs but there is no ETR at this point. Connectivity monitoring detected the issue starting at 8:00 PM Sunday evening and began network recovery/repair failover at 10:13 PM. However, the failover lines are also negatively affected by the outage problem. The issue has been escalated through multiple levels of two network vendors and is receiving the highest attention.

DCRE Labs' West coast division networking services